Solar Energy

Nepal is a land lock country facing major development challenges. In this challenges, Nepal is rapidly developing renewable Energy. Nepal has four type of solar energy technology: grid-connected PV, solar water heaters, solar lanterns and solar home systems. Average solar radiation varies from 3.6 to 6.2 kWh/m2 per day in Nepal; while the total sun shines days is about 300 per year. According to July 2008 assessment of solar and wind energy in Nepal, the commercial potential of solar power for grid connection is about 2,100 MW. Since solar electricity generation systems are easy and quick to install, are very attractive option in many locations in the county. Keeping in line with the GON strategies, the proposed pilot projects of grid-connected solar power generation as a short term opting is being considered for financing by the World Bank.

We provide Funding on BOOT basis for solar project on the basis of

  • Availability of Un encumbered non Product land on long term basis.
  • Availability of Grid nearby for efficient Power evacuation from production to Grid.
  • Good water sources for panel cleaning for the efficient functioning of solar panels.
  • A clear cut long term power purchase Agreement (PPA) with the purchaser of energy, with well-defined backup for payment Guarantee.
  • Projects Ranging from 10 MWp to 500 MWp.