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Expertise in Project Management, Engineering Consultant. Hydro Electric Project, Solar Projects.


The company culture defines its importance. We invest in a culture of excellence.


We work with those who have the determination to achieve, no matter race, colour or creed.


Our clients are from the private sector or government.


Safety and health in our company is part of every operation. It is every employee’s responsibility at all levels. Management accepts responsibility for providing a safe working environment.


We endeavour to build and strengthen communities enriched by difference and founded upon common humanity.

Our Work Areas

Multinational Development Consultant Pvt. Ltd is a management consultant company specializing in an international/National Project Management. We have prepared to funded construct flagship projects and with our associated companies have completed several projects.

We are committed to upholding the esteemed European and Asian tradition of engineering excellence, punctuality and precision. We are also global players who pioneer creative and compelling solutions from all aspects of the construction and technology industry to major turn-around projects

Our strengths are in the redevelopment and restructuring of installed large-scale projects, where our project management and mediation skills move things forward. This includes identifying, developing, negotiating, documenting and providing not only one-off appraisals but also on-going project evaluations until completion.