Message from the Chairman​

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Message from the Chairman

There are only a few basic requirements for human survival, water, food, sustainable energy and shelter, and yet in this modern world, our researchers have found that there are in excess of 783 million people who do not have access to clean and safe water. That is equivalent to 1 in 9 of the world population. 3% of these people live in Sub-Saharan Africa and according to the World Health Organization, billions have no access to sanitation..

Water is of course, essential for agriculture, which also provides work and the shortage in rainfall and misuse of pesticides impacts on yield and on health through contamination.

1.2 billion People are without access to electricity, predominantly in South Asia. In excess of 100 million people are homeless and over 1 billion live in squats.

We as a company, are endeavoring through our funding and construction programme, to deliver these basic requirements to as many in the world as possible and are already engaged in projectsfor development. We plan to invest all resources into delivering solutions for those in need and provide a safer and more secure life for them and future generations.

I am sure that Multinational Development Consultant Pvt. Ltd. will be able to contribute significantly in nation building and funding program for hydro Power Project, Education project, Hospital Project, Agriculture projects and many others with indigenous resources. I believe that the development and growth of the company will be able to give employment opportunity to highly qualified personnel.

Our strengths are in the redevelopment and restructuring of installed large-scale projects, where our project management and mediation skills move things forward. This includes identifying, developing, negotiating, documenting and providing not only one-off appraisals but also on-going project evaluations until completion.

I assure you a project is complete when it starts working for you, rather than working for it.