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Water Reservoir

A supply is a counterfeit lake where water is put away. Most supplies are shaped by building dams across streams.
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Turbine Force

The primary application of wind turbines is to generate energy using the wind. The difference between these groups
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Power Generator

Generators don't really make power. All things considered, they convert mechanical or substance energy into electrical
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Transmission Lines

The lines that convey radio waves from the radio transmitter to the recieving wire are known as transmission lines;
For Controling Your Energy Production

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Over 90% of Nepal’s existing hydropower plants are the run-off -river type, which are generally designed based on the dry season flows.
Nepal is a land lock country facing major development challenges. In this challenges, Nepal is rapidly developing renewable Energy.
We deliver a wide range of building projects to clients in both the private and public sector. We listen to our clients’ needs and
Cultivating considered as a business the piece of the economy identifying with cultivating, for instance, ranchers, makers of homestead gear,
The lines that convey radio waves from the radio transmitter to the recieving wire are known as transmission lines
Exchange finance is utilized to secure against worldwide trade's novel and innate dangers, like cash vacillations, political
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Following on from the submission of our Expression of interest and recent discussion with the minister of energy. We are please to submit an outline presentation on our approach to development in Nepal and the structure we suggest should be employed
Our strengths are in the redevelopment and restructuring of installed large-scale projects, where our project management and mediation skills move things forward. This includes identifying, developing, negotiating, documenting and providing not only one-off appraisals but also on-going project evaluations until completion.
I assure you a project is complete when it starts working for you, rather than working for it.
Rajendra Shrestha
Rajendra Shrestha
For Controling Your Energy Production

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